Donations for School

Presently, God has led me to study business management at Ouachita Hills College in the state of Arkansas. This will help me in the future in managing missionary projects, accounting for funds, and more.  I am canvassing to help cover the cost of school, but any donations to help with school are much appreciated as I don’t expect to be able to pay for school entirely from canvassing.

Donations for my tuition can be sent directly to the school:
Ouachita Hills College
c/o Daniel Hill
46 Madison Way
Amity, AR 71921


Donations for Living costs and Mission trips

If you would like to make a donation, small or large, toward my regular living costs while in school, or to short term mission trips I may take during school, you can send donations through the regular channel at Jesus for Asia. Whether it’s a one time donation or a monthly commitment I appreciate it the same. Be sure to mark it for Daniel Hill.

You can mail a check to:
Jesus for Asia
PO Box 216
McDonald TN 37353

Or you can call to use Visa or Mastercard:
(423) 413-7321

You can also use Paypal online at:
Jesus for Asia


Other ways to donate:

Air Miles:
Donate air miles by clicking this link and then searching for your favorite online store or search by product. Sign in by entering my email address (, and every dollar you spend will donate at least one air mile that I can use for mission trips or other necessary travel.


Website Hosting:
Get great website hosting from Dreamhost with unlimited domains and unlimited email addresses. Donate $95 by using this promo code: SUPPORTMISSIONS .


Other Projects:

To learn more about supporting the Bible workers in India for just $60 a month go here.