My name is Daniel Hill. Within me burns a fire for saving ignorant people from the danger of sin they don’t discern. Specifically, I have given my life to labor for the cause of overseas missions. Multitudes in this old world live day by day, hand to mouth, without an understanding or even a glimpse of God’s love for them. This must change.
My burden and specific calling in missions is two fold. On the one hand, I want to work overseas and help to enlighten those shrouded in darkness. On the other hand, however, I realize that I am a mere mortal and as such my capability in this task is limited, this being so I can multiply the impact by engaging more laborers in the work. Thus I consider a ample portion of my calling to be the latter. Through brainstorming with friends new ideas have been formed on how to do this effectively. We appreciate your prayers for wisdom on how to do this job effectively and in a way that God would see fit.
I graduated from Ouachita Hills College in Amity, AR, in the month of May, 2016, with an Associate Degree in Business. This I found a need for in my previous overseas experience in Kenya. As media is an integral part of my calling, God impressed me with the need to broaden my experience in the field. For this He has sent me to Better Life TV in Grants Pass, Oregon, for a year; other opportunities for a broader media experience are on the horizon as well.
I have never taken decision making lightly, and always spend time in prayer and consideration before making any major decision. In seeking God’s will I have found that He reveals it in a clear path before my feet.

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