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So I recently found out the poet side of me… So you may see me posting poetry here from time to time. Lately studies have kept me busy and so I haven’t been able to post much on here. But I want to share with you my first poem:


Where are they?
Daniel Hill – 2015

Where are they? we doubting ask.
But we’re hiding behind a mask.

If we’d but open our eyes we’d see
these needy souls beyond the ocean sea

They hide not behind a veil
They’re chained in the devil’s jail.

We’re the ones God commanded to free
these suffering souls beyond the ocean sea

If only we could see through His eyes
The suffering of His children and their cries

We would see through eyes of love
His precious souls from heaven above

Come over and help us, they cry
Oh will we simply be the passerby?

If we’d just heed God’s command
He’d use us as tools in His hand.

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