“What denomination are you from?” The matatu driver was looking at the piece of glow I handed him about prophecy. The radio was playing a local radio station with a heavy rhythm which earlier had had quite blatant words about immorality. Every so often the bus stopped to let out passengers and for more passengers to board. I realized that God had put me in the front seat right next to the driver for a reason. When he told me that he was Adventist also, I was a little surprised… Then I got to thinking, what if there was a radio station in Nairobi that played sacred celestial music? Then it would be something that the bus drivers could choose to play if they chose, and it would bring peace into people’s lives whether they listened to it when they were at home or in the matatu, or even at work, it could be a little breath of fresh air in the midst of the Nairobi busyness.

I was on my way out to the Division with a co worker. We were getting busy with things regarding launching 2CBN. God had started to open doors, and we were moving ahead. He had given us the opportunity to assist the Division by streaming the upcoming week of prayer live on the internet. It would be in english, although with an African accent! We had scrambled the night before getting a website ready and to get things in place to stream around the world. Now I was going to the Division office to work with the media director there and help getting things ready for the event. I needed to test the streams and make sure we had enough bandwidth through the internet to reliably support an internet stream. After testing it, it all seemed to work properly. However I knew that the devil was going to try to do something to mess things up. I had learned that this is just to be expected when working for God. I prayed that God would keep everything working and rebuke the devil, and also that if there was problems that we could fix them without too much issue or delay.

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  1. We do appreciate your upates–tell us more about the upcoming radio station. It is inspiring to hear how you take advantage of opportunities to witness.